Buchenwald Memorial Mittelbau-Dora Memorial Museum Zwangsarbeit im NS

Public guided tours of the "Silent Witnesses" exhibition

05.05.2023, 21:00 PM‒22:00 PM


Kunsthalle Erfurt, Fischmarkt 7, 99084 Erfurt

7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Start of the guided tour at 7 pm, Kunsthalle Erfurt, Fischmarkt 7, 99084 Erfurt

About the exhibition

Christian Rothe's photographs are reminiscent of romantic landscape paintings, there is something mysterious about them and truly what they depict is something incomprehensible. They were created on the Ettersberg near Weimar, on the site of the former Buchenwald concentration camp. A place where the National Socialists imprisoned, humiliated, tortured and murdered people. A place at the gates of a city that has shaped German and European cultural and intellectual life since the 18th century, where the ambivalence of history is condensed like in hardly any other place. The ambivalence of beautiful, untouched nature and man-made cruelty also shines from the photographs.

The exhibition is curated by the freelance curator Andrea Karle (Weimar).


Sparkassenstiftung Erfurt
Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Thuringia

In cooperation with

Buchenwald Memorial
State Centre for Political Education Thuringia
Municipality of Erfurt

About the artists

Christian Rothe

Christian Rothe (Weimar/Leipzig) is a photographer. His work focuses on documentary and reportage photography, with people and urban spaces as well as the periphery playing a recurring role. The question of approach is central to him. In portraits, proximity and familiarity are essential features. In reportage, the distance to the subject becomes greater, all the way to urban space, where people appear primarily through their inscriptions and legacies.

Ludwig Berger

Ludwig Berger (Zurich/Milan) is a sound artist and composer. In his installations and performances, he explores the sonic dimension of plants, animals, buildings and geological formations. Through microscopic recording techniques and playful concepts, he searches for sensitive connections between the human and natural worlds.

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