Buchenwald Memorial Mittelbau-Dora Memorial Museum Zwangsarbeit im NS

Foundation Committees

The Foundation Council, Academic Advisory Board, and Advisory Boards of Former Inmates

The Foundation Council

Prof. Dr. Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff


Prof. Dr. Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff, Thuringian Minister for Culture, Federal- and European Affairs, Head of the State Chancellery

1995 - 2006 Member of the Berlin House of Representatives

1996 - 2001 Studied social sciences at the Humboldt University Berlin, graduating with a "Diplom" degree and "Humboldt Prize" distinction

2002 - 2006 Doctoral degree at the Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt University Berlin

2005 - 2006 Head of the Federal-State-Coordination for the DIE LINKE parliamentary group. 

2006 - 2011 State Secretary for Health, Environment, and Consumer Protection in the Berlin Senate

since 2010 Honorary Professor at the Alice-Salomon-Hochschule (University of Applied Science) Berlin 

2012 - 2013 Rector of the state-accredited, private business school, BEST-Sabel Hochschule Berlin 

Board Members


Matthias Jendricke, Rural District of Nordhausen 
Peter Kleine, City of Weimar 
Claudia Roth, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media
Dr. Josef Schuster, The Central Council of Jews in Berlin 
Heike Taubert, Thuringian Ministry of Finance

Academic Advisory Board

Portrait photo of Sybille Steinbacher
Prof. Dr. Sybille Steinbacher, 2012. Foto: Niels P. Jørgensen. ©Privat


Prof. Dr. Sybille Steinbacher, Director of the Fritz Bauer Institute and holds the Chair for Research on the History and Impact of the Holocaust in the History Department of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

1986 Studied Modern and Recent History, Medieval History, and Political Science at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich 

1992 Magistra Artium at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (Masters thesis: "Dachau. Die Stadt und das Konzentrationslager in der NS-Zeit. Die Untersuchung einer Nachbarschaft," 2nd edition, Frankfurt a.M. et al., 1994) 

1998 Doctorate at the Faculty of History of the Ruhr University Bochum (Dissertation: "'Musterstadt' Auschwitz. Germanisierungspolitik und Judenmord in Ostoberschlesien," Munich, 2000) 

2010 Post-doctorate in the Faculty of Philosophy at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Venia legendi in Modern and Recent History (Post-doctoral thesis: "Wie der Sex nach Deutschland kam. Der Kampf um Sittlichkeit und Anstand in der frühen Bundesrepublik," Munich, 2011). 

2010 University Professor of Contemporary History / Comparative Dictatorship, Violence and Genocide Studies in the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna

2017 Director of the Fritz Bauer Institute and Chair for Research on the History and Impact of the Holocaust in the History Department at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Group photo of the scientific board of trustees
From left to right: Dr. Christian Ingrao, Dr. Ulrike Lorenz, Prof. Dr. Bertrand Perz, Dr. Irina Scherbakowa, Prof. Dr. Jens-Christian Wagner, Prof. Dr. Hermann Wentker, Professor Dr. Verena Krieger, Prof. Dr. Sybille Steinbacher (October 21, 2022)

Board Members

Prof. Dr. Mary Fulbrook, University College London 
Dr. Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen, Director of the Department of Cultural History and Museum Academy of the Landeszeughaus Graz, Museum of History
Dr. Christian Ingrao, Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent Paris 
Prof. Dr. Omar Kamil, University of Erfurt 
Prof. Dr. Verena Krieger, Friedrich Schiller University Jena 
Dr. Ulrike Lorenz, Klassik Stiftung Weimar 
Dr. habil. Piotr Maciej Majewski, Uniwersytet Warszawski 
Prof. Dr. Bertrand Perz, University of Vienna 
Prof. Dr. Dieter Pohl, University of Klagenfurt 
Romani Rose, Zentralrat Deutscher Sinti und Roma
Dr. Irina Scherbakowa, Weimar 
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, Director of the Center for Research on Anti-Semitism at the Technical University of Berlin
ArchD Dr. Simone Walther-von Jena, Federal Archives Berlin-Lichterfelde 
Prof. Dr. Hermann Wentker (Deputy Chairperson), Institut für Zeitgeschichte Berlin 
Prof. Dr. Lale Yildirim, Professor for Didactics of History at the Department of History of the University of Osnabrück and at the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies

Advisory Board of Former Inmates, Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Portrait photograph of Naftali Fürst
Naftali Fürst (1932), 2019. Photo: Thomas Müller.


Georg Naftali Fürst (Israel)

Board Members


Professor Dr. Robert Bardfeld (Czech Republic) † 
Günter Pappenheim (Germany) † 
Éva Pusztai (Hungary, Deputy Chairperson) 
Gilberto Salmoni (Italy) 
Pierre Suzor (France) † 

Advisory Board of Former Inmates, Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp



Albert van Hoey (Belgium) †

Board Members

Roland Boisson (France, Deputy Chairperson) 
Albert van Dijk (The Netherlands) † 
Oto Konstein (Croatia) 

Advisory Board of Former Inmates, Soviet Special Camp No. 2


Günther Rudolph † 

Board Members 
Gerhard Etzold † 
Rolf Staudte † 
Ingeborg Thiemeyer † 

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