Buchenwald Memorial Mittelbau-Dora Memorial Museum Zwangsarbeit im NS

Getto Schargorod

13.04.2023 ‒ 29.02.2024, 21:30 PM‒22:00 PM


Notenbank, Weimar

7:30 pm

Boris Zabarko

A survivor of the ghetto of Shargorod (Ukraine) reports.

Boris Zabarko (Kiev/Stuttgart) in conversation with Marc Sagnol (Erfurt).

Dr Boris Zabarko survived the Shargorod ghetto as a child in Ukraine. As a historian, he later made it his life's work to collect and publish reports from survivors of the Holocaust in Ukraine.

Since 2013, a multi-volume edition with Zabarko's collection of testimonies, "Мы хотели жить" ("We wanted to live"), has been published in Kiev. These have now been translated into German and published under the title "Life and Death in the Era of the Holocaust in Ukraine" (Metropol Verlag 2019).

Since 2004, Boris Zabarko has been president of the Ukrainian Association of Jewish Former Prisoners of the Ghettos and Nazi Concentration Camps. In early March 2022, he had to flee Kiev to bring his granddaughter and himself to safety.

Marc Sagnol is a philosopher, filmmaker and author who has intensively studied Jewish history in Ukraine and visited the places where Zabarko spent his youth and about which the eyewitnesses tell in the book. These are the former ghettos of Shargorod, Berschad and Tulchin. In his film "The Waters of the Bug" (2020), Sagnol lets survivors from these ghettos have their say, whom Zabarko knows or knew personally very well.
The event will present an excerpt (approx. 15 mn) from Marc Sagnol's film, in which he travels to Shargorod in particular. He will then talk with Boris Zabarko and the audience about the largely unknown history of the ghettos in the part of Ukraine then called "Transnistria".
The event is in Russian and German.

An event of the Weimar Rendez-vous with History in cooperation with the State Agency for Civic Education Thuringia.

Supported by the Buchenwald and Mittelbau Dora Memorial Foundation.

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